Chapter 7: The Not So Formal Tuxedo shirt

Chapter 7: The Not So Formal Tuxedo shirt

The ultimate in menswear elegance, but kind of old school.

Decades ago, it was traditional for men of the upper class to wear a starched white pleated shirt with black tie and jacket for dinner often if not every night –– studs on the placket and French cuffs folding back to be worn with cuff links to secure the fit around the wrist. (Think Andrew Scott on the red carpet or Sean Connery as 007 in the early James Bond movies).

There are fewer special occasions with such a dress code and consequently less need to own. As a result, what I see at thrift shops or resale markets for my upcycled collection A Shirt Story are often subpar blends and crappy rental quality –– not 100% cotton, which is a must!  However, I am up for the challenge and constantly on the hunt for the quintessential, traditionally debonair tuxedo shirt!

Going against these norms of the upper crust, I LOVE the idea of a broken-in, super-casual and maybe machine-washed and wrinkled tuxedo shirt. Whether it is a pleated or piqué bib front, the unpretentious conceit is refreshing. Why so serious? A men's white tuxedo shirt is like a blank canvas, lending itself to interpretation.

Think outside of the box: a tuxedo shirt can be worn neat and tucked in, untucked or wrapped with our signature side button.


                      Tux 010                                            Tux 009                                            Tux 008

As you may or may not know, every shirt at A Shirt Story –– classic and tuxedo –– is pre-loved, a discard or a donation. The cuffs, collar and plackets are frayed and roughed up. If the collar has been beyond starched in its past life, we cut it off. Customizing can include hand dyeing or shortening sleeves or both. As these are men's sizing, the fit is roomy and gender free.

Test out one of these repurposed classics and make it your own.


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